Creating You Own eBooks For eBay And Making £££

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What Do You Know?

You've probably read this type of thing a thousand times, but if you want to start writing your own ebooks first start writing about what you know. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that the topic you pick is going to be mega popular. I'd say it's a nice starting point for you.

For example, if you're a keen gardener and have picked up a few hints and tips along the way. Why not have a go writing about it. You may surprise yourself and get a lot of interest.


Once you've picked your topic you're going to need some form of structure for your ebook. I always have:

1. A page for the title and sometimes a sub-title
2. A legal disclaimer which is paramount. If you don't have one to hand contact me and I'll be happy to supply you one.
3. An introduction - This is basically letting the reader know a little bit about you and what your going t write about in the coming pages.
4. The main body - This is what I call the "meaty part" of the ebook. You're going to want to give the reader real value and probably let them into a few things they probably didn't know.
5. Conclusion - This is basically what is says on the tin. A basic round up of what you've written and furter recommendation or reviews.

Creating A PDF

I'm assuming that you've written your masterpiece in word. Once you've run a spell check, inserted any relevant pictures, bold, italics etc you're now ready to convert it to PDF. There are plenty of these convertors on the market place, just check out google and you'll find masses of them. Convert word to pdf and you're done.

Display Picture

If you're on a low budget, try grabbing some "royalty free pictures" from the web and use the most relevant for your new masterpiece, or if you can purchase some ebook creator software you can customise and design the cover the way you like.

That's basically it. Your very own ebook with picture to sell on ebay. Whatever price point you choose is up to you and at the time of writing you'll need to list it in the "information services" category of ebay.

Good luck!

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