Creating a good customer experience for your buyers,

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To be a successful seller on eBay you must have purchased.  Seriously, it pays dividends to purchase some items from a range of sellers.  By doing this you will see what it feels like to receive something through the post, and what works well, and what not so well.

Did you know that most people equate receiving their parcel from eBay as like receiving a birthday present?

Imagine on your birthday opening a tatty envelope which is ripped to find your birthday present inside broken.... You would be gutted - so do not do this to your buyer.

I am all for recycling, but there is a limit to how many times something can be reused! 

Quick tips

1 Fold it properly - do not just stuff in in the parcel, envelope or bag,

2 Include your Returns address on the outside of the parcel - as if it is undelivered it will come back to you!

3 Use tracking to send the parcel - then if it does not arrive you have more chance of getting it back!  Think about having a Lost In Post Policy as the seller, it is up to you to make sure it arrives....

4 Think how you would feel opening what you just packed, if it looks a state, do not send it - repack it,

5 Print your labels, looks more professional and gives the postie a fighting chance of delivering to the right place, especially if your writing looks like a dead spider!

6 What not include a note with your parcel asking your buyer to get in touch if there are any problems before leaving feedback?  Negative and neutrals are painful when you start getting them.  Consider having a Returns Policy - as a Business Seller you must have one - its the law!

7 Can you offer any incentives for your buyers to shop with you again? 

8 Look at your packaging, would mail bags or brown paper be better, bubble wrap or tissue paper? 

None of the above are expensive - but using a little time and care, you as a seller will certainly benefit


Happy eBaying
Suz xx
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