Creating very effective scenery

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I have found this method of scenery making very realistic,cheap to produce and very hard wearing.

Once you have established the contours beit up hill or down dale or even railway embankments grab yourself 3 0r 4 tins of oil based household paint,,,yellow,,green,,brown,,red and a bucket full of dry soft sand..

The method is to paint and mix the colours as you go, a good dab of green to start with and paint an area say about 9" long,,then onto that mix in a good dollop of another colour untill you have a good looking piece of ground,,this could be green fading into a piece of brown where no grass has grown then back to green but a lighter shade,,a small bit of yellow and so on..then the trick is to sieve on the sand covering all the wet paint and leave for 24 hrs.

Once the paint has dried you then vacuum of the excess sand and what's left should be a nice piece of realistic and textured ground,,add on a few tress and bushes and stand back and admire..this will dry rock hard over a day or so and for OO scale the finished job will give a very good rough grassy look and is much easier and cheaper than scatter and of course very hard and durable.

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