Cricut Machine

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Hello, this quick guide aims to answer some of the more common questions about the Cricut Machine.

What is the Cricut Machine?

The Cricut is a new personal electronic cutter made by the trusted craft maker ProvoCraft, cited as the future of home crafting, voted the most intuitive and practical new craft product in 2006, they were released just before xmas in the UK.

No computer is required - just plug it in - insert a cartridge adn choose your design - the very easy to follow screen guides you through the process of cutting your desired shape over and over.

What Comes in the Box?

  • The UK version comes with a UK Power Adaptor
  • The Machine
  • Cutting Mat
  • Blade Housing + Blade
  • Cutting Mat
  • George and Basic Shapes Cartridge
  • Instruction Book

How Big Can it Cut?

You can set all the shapes/letters to cut 12 different sizes from 1inch to 5.5 inches

Is it Heavy?

The machine weighs in at only 7lbs

What should we look out for?

Watch out for grey imports - these come with a US power supply and are not covered by the manufacturers warranty, they are typically slightly cheaper (due to VAT in the UK mainly) - try and buy from a supplier that stocks accessories, cartridges and offers you some support if you run into difficulties - as ever with ebay look at the feedback of the seller.

How Many Cartridges and How Much Are they?

There are around 20 cartridges currently released in the UK with around 15 more due in 2007, these range from around £45 to £60 depending on the seller and the images/designs  RRP on the cartridges is £69 in the UK.

Where can I see it working?

Go to where there is an online video - this is from the US makers of the machines - you will need quicktime installing to watch these.


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