Crochet Terminology Conversion US/UK

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Crochet patterns can be confusing when the UK and US have different names for the same crochet stitch.

 So, I have produced a chart to help you to convert the stitches over to your preferred terminology.  
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If you are a BEGINNER to crochet, I would advise learning the US terminology, The name of the stitches are more relevant to the actual stitch, ie, 
Single Crochet you pull through once to complete the stitch, 
Double Crochet you pull through twice to complete the stitch, 
Triple Crochet you pull through three times to complete the stitch. 

Most crochet pattern have a note to say which terminology they are written in, if they do not, look for Sc (Single Crochet), this stitch name is only used in US terminology. 

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