Cross Selling on eBay

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Cross Selling Tips

This guides helps you understand how easy it can be to cross sell on eBay. 
What is cross selling: This is when you list similar items a buyer would like within your existing listing. It is a very powerful tool to drive sales. The tips to achieve this is as follows:
It is advised to cross-sell items in similar category or complementary items. You would not list a baby toy and then cross sell ladies underwear within that listing.
If you sell cuff links like I do, then you would cross sell other types of cuff links or tie clips.
Within your existing listing, place image links to other similar items and it's that simple. Click to see one of my cuff links listing for example. Coding for this cross selling is actually very simple but if you find this daunting then contact me at my eBay store and be sure to mention cross-selling in the subject.
The easiest option is to arrange the items you want to cross-sell in two or three rows of four columns.
Small sellers: can actually then copy and paste the cross selling codes into all their listing pages. As your shop grows and you have more listings, then this becomes more difficult.
There is a solution for Big sellers and here goes:
  1. Have a unique place holder within each of your listing so for example if you sell various cufflinks, have a place holder say for example [$cufflinks] in each of your cufflink listing.
  2. Now find a java developer or any good developer to help you write codes that will pull text and image files from your hosting server. This code essentially takes care of pulling the text/image file from your server and placing it in all your listings
  3. Hence all you do is just update the image and text unto your server and 'bang' they are displayed on all your listing pages.
The difference if you notice for the small seller to the big seller is that the small seller has to go and update each listing. So if you have 20 listings then you have to update 20 times. But for the Big seller as a result of taking step 2. above will only update his server and all his listings get updated automatically.

The above is also not too difficult to achieve but for deeper technical detail and codes to achieve the above step 2, then contact me at my eBay store.

Visit my one of my eBay listing here to see how we have leveraged this power of cross-selling
Cross Selling Cuff links and Tie Pins/Clips
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Cross Selling Cuff links and Tie Pins/Clips
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