Cross Stitch Charts and Patterns

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Cross Stitch Charts and Patterns from Ebay

When buying a cross stitch chart or pattern off ebay,  there are points to consider. 

  1. Many of the charts sold are just simple conversions.  If you buy often it could be worth you buying software such as Jane Greenhoff cross stitch pattern maker.  You can buy this for less than £10. 
  2. A  genuine cross stitch designer will be able to change a chart to suit your requirements. 
  3. Do not buy a chart without knowing how large it is.  The  simple conversion charts are often huge.  A good seller will tell you the stitch size minimum.  To work out the completed size divide the stitch size by the aida count size.  ie 14 count aida divide by 14.
  4. If a seller is selling multiple charts then they are a business seller, they are operating as a business whether they register with Ebay as such or not.  If the seller has no returns policy stated you are entitled to your money back including postage by law for upto 3 months.  If the seller has policies stated then it is as there stated as long as it is lawful.  This actually applies to all ebay sales so don't be fobbed off by unscrupulous traders, refer them to the Direct Selling Regualtions which do apply.
  5. Ask questions.  Geniune sellers will gladly answer, I am happy to help with anything to do with my designs.
  6. Try new subjects.  As a stitcher of many years I have designed most of my life, I still have a small design I did myself at 9 years old.  Unusual subjects make great talking points.  I started cars and motorbikes when I wanted to stitch my motorbike and couldn't get a good chart.
  7. Don't buy from sellers who can't show you a picture of the completed design.

After Your Purchase

Your chart needs to be clear and readable.  You can always enlarge it on a photocopier.  (Don't be tempted to resell as you will be breaking copyright.).  Make sure you have a key, shopping list (the list of  all colours required),  a colour picture of the finshed design.  A good seller will also have included instructions telling you how to do the work including stitch diagrams.

When purchasing aida for your project, the material should be at least two inches bigger  all round than your design to allow for framing.  Aida has to be stretched after completion to get a good result when framed.  If you have s frame for the design to go in make sure the material is at least 1-2 inches larger all round than your frame.

Don't be afraid to experiment.  If yu think a colour would look better than the one recommend try it.  With my designs which have lots of metal in, one strand DMC and another of a metal filament look great.

Get your finished work framed.  A framed picture looks great.  Your hard work deserves to be hung in pride of place.


Fancy Designing your own?

Buy a software programme such as Jane Greenoff's and have ago.  To get fine detailing correct I sit with my computer and a my practise aida.  I often will sew intricate bits of a design lots of times to get the perfect result.    Every stitcher has huges amounts of left over threads.  Select the colours you have from the design programme and let your imagination take you.

My Shop, have a browse and ask any questions you want.

Happy stitching


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