Crystal Gridding/Crystal Networks - using crystals in combination

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Crystals can often be more effective when used in certain combinations, rather than on their own. Some crystals can amplify the qualities of others, whilst some crystals work better alongside a specific partner. Using crystals in grids/networks is a useful way to bring the best out of groups of crystals and to experience the healing benefits of such a group.
    Grids/networks can be used in a variety of ways to heal and balance energy. They can be created around the home to rectify any energy imbalances or to protect it. They can also be created around you so that you sit or lay in it whilst meditating. You can see some examples of grids/networks and get an idea of what crystals work well together here:
    "A grid is a geometric pattern of energetically aligined stones charged by intention, set
      in a sacred space for purpose of manifesting a particular objective."
(Hibiscus Moon. Crystal Grids:How and why they work - A science based yet practical guide.)

Crystals that are arranged in particular shapes have had their own meaning attributed to them. It has long been believed that placing crystals in certain shapes gives extra power and strength to the crystals in them. Some shapes are protective, whilst others are symbolic of strength and determination. The following shapes and their meanings are the most commonly used:
Squares - this shape is the most commonly used around the home. A crystal is often placed in each corner of a room to protect it and offer it strength. The shape of a square is seen as a symbol of strength because of its four equal sides giving it balance and stability.
Pyramids - this shape is a form of sacred geometry and helps amplify any vibration of crystals within the shape. It is a square with a 5th crystal in the center. The center crystal is the main focal point as it has connections to the other 4 crystals.
Circles - are symbolic of returning to where we started. Circles are never ending with no beginning or end and are often used to remind us of the circle of life.
Infinity - this shape is the number 8 on its side! It is used in situations to help business, finance and careers as it is the symbol of endless abundance and good luck.
Spirals - can be used to direct energy towards you or away from you. When placing the crystals start close to yourself and made a spiral shape moving away from you if you want to remove negative energy. If you want to attract positive energy start the spiral on its outer edges and work towards the center, where you should be.
Triangles - are commonly used to balance energy and restore emotions. When a triangle points up it symbolises male power and gook luck. When it points down it represents female sexuality and spirituality.

Some grids/networks can be left in place where you have used them. For example if you have used one to help improve learning and concentration, then it could be left in an area where you study to help you as you work. If your crystals are not left in place then they should be stored carefully in a soft bag or lined box until you want to use them again.
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