Crystal Pin Buying Guide

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Crystal Pin Buying Guide

Pins as accessories have been around for centuries, but they are not as common as they once were. However, crystal pins are not just for older women, nor are they only a remnant from the Victorian era. When looking to buy a crystal pin, a buyer should consider the colour, size, and design. Crystal pins come in many different designs, such as animals, holiday themes, and abstract designs. These accessories are not just for parties; in fact, a woman may be surprised by how many different occasions on which she can wear a crystal pin. Additionally, one can wear a crystal pin in many different ways, including in scarves or different places in a blouse or dress. It is important for a buyer to properly care for a crystal pin, which means cleaning it regularly. A crystal pin can be a wonderful accessory, so a woman should take advantage of this beautiful kind of jewellery. With all the different sizes, colours, and designs of crystal pins, especially on such online sites as eBay, a buyer can find exactly the right one to fit her personality and needs.

Considerations When Buying Crystal Pins

When shopping for crystal pins, one must take a number of factors into consideration. Some things to consider are the colour of the crystals, the size of the crystals and the pin, and the design to choose.


When hearing the word crystal, one generally thinks of white, sparkling crystals. Clear crystals are a classic look, and clear crystal pins make a beautiful accessory for a dressy occasion. However, crystals actually come in a number of different colours. A colourful crystal pin can add a pop of colour to any outfit. When choosing the colour for a crystal pin, a buyer should consider how it matches an outfit and what kind of look she wants to present.


Crystal pins and the crystals themselves come in a variety of different sizes. Small pins are delicate and often considered traditional; crystal pins in holiday designs also are generally smaller. If a woman wants to make a statement, she can wear a large crystal pin in an abstract or floral design. It is also possible to pair a few smaller pins together to create a stronger impact.


When looking for a crystal pin, a buyer may be surprised at the many different designs from which to choose. Some of the design options from which a buyer can choose are holiday pins, animal pins, floral designs, and abstract designs. Different designs can help a woman express a variety of moods, including whimsical, classy, and stylish.

Holiday Pins

Holiday pins are a very popular form of crystal pins. There are pins for a variety of holidays including Easter, Thanksgiving, and, of course, Christmas. Christmas pins are very popular and are a great idea for holiday parties and gifts. Some common motifs in a holiday pin are Christmas trees, wreaths, presents, snowflakes, bells, sleighs, reindeer, snowmen, and candy canes.

Animal Pins

There are also many animal pins. Of course dogs and cats are very popular choices, but there are also other animals and birds from which to choose, including a turtle, a bear, a rabbit, an elephant, or a panda. A buyer who likes sea life may prefer fish, octopus, crabs, and lighthouses. There are also many bird pins available, such as swans, parrots, and cranes.

Whimsical Designs

A crystal pin can be a great way for a woman to add some whimsy to an outfit. Some pin designs a buyer can consider are fruits and vegetables. A buyer can also find pins that reflect her interests whether it is travel, gardening, or sports. A woman can have a pin that reflects her favourite landmark, such as the Eiffel Tower, or a baseball to show her enthusiasm for that sport. There are also pins that relate to different professions and ones about music and the arts. These kinds of pins are fun and a great conversation starter, too.

Floral Designs

Floral designs are also very popular for crystal pins, whether the design is a floral pattern, a single bloom, or a whole bouquet. A buyer should be able to find her favourite kind of flower whether it is a rose or daisy. It is easy to also find gardening-themed crystal pins. Floral pins can be either elegant or cute, making them suitable for a number of different occasions.

Other Designs

If a buyer wants to find something modern, she should look for abstract designs such as swirls or geometric shapes. To combine designs, one may even find a bird or animal that is abstract-looking. One should also consider a Victorian design. Pins were very popular during the Victorian era. This kind of pin is a very classic design and may be a basic geometric shape, but could have an intricate setting. A woman could wear a Victorian design with elegant clothes or pair it with a modern outfit for an interesting contrast.

Occasions to Wear Crystal Pins

Crystal pins are suitable for a variety of different occasions. Though some may think that a crystal pin is only for special occasions like parties, in fact crystal pins can be a very versatile accessory. Depending on the style, a pin can be worn everyday. There are a variety of everyday uses, be it on a cap, a scarf, or even a purse. When choosing her outfit for the day, a woman should consider a crystal pin along with her other pieces of jewellery, knowing that it can be used in many different ways.

Ways to Wear a Pin

There are a number of creative ways a woman can wear a pin, from traditional to downright trendy. One fun way to wear a pin is where one would least expect it: on the back of the outfit. This is both stylish and functional when a woman has a dress or shirt with a cut-out or a plunging back. A woman wearing a shorter dress can wear a crystal pin near the hem as an eye-catching accessory, or at the waist of a dress or blouse. During the fall or winter, one can put a crystal pin in a scarf for a special occasion; this not only looks good, but it also serves as a way to secure a scarf. A hat can be dressed up by adding a pin to the front. These are just some ways that a woman can wear a crystal pin: with this accessory, one can get very creative.

How to Clean a Crystal Pin

A crystal pin that is properly cared for lasts a very long time, so one should also know proper cleaning procedure. One should keep crystal pins away from chemicals, including those in perfume and hairspray, as chemicals build up on the crystals and make them look dull. After use, one should wipe down a crystal pin with a cotton cloth. If the pin needs more cleaning, one can dip a cotton swab in a solution of water and window cleaner and clean off the pin, then allow the crystal pin to air dry. One should not immerse a crystal pin in water because that may damage it or it could loosen some of the crystals from their settings. Crystal pins should be stored by themselves so as not to scratch other pieces of jewellery. It is also a good idea to wrap a pin in some kind of tissue paper or soft cloth before storing it away in a compartment.

How to Buy Crystal Pins on eBay

When looking for crystal pins, make use of the different search tools offered by eBay, such as the keyword search. With this, you can type keywords, such as 'crystal pin' into the search box. If you find that this results in too many listings to look through, you can narrow down the search using filters or categories, including the metal, main stone, colour, and price.

You should also be aware of the feedback feature. This lets you see what other buyers have said about a seller, giving you a quick and accurate idea of the seller's reliability. This is especially useful if you are unsure about making a purchase from an unknown seller. When reading feedback, consider not only what buyers have said about the seller but also how many buyers have rated the seller. After you have made a purchase, you can also leave feedback about a selle, in order to help future buyers with their own purchasing decisions


Crystal pins are not just an accessory that was popular in the Victorian era; they are also ideally suited to today's styles. When shopping for a crystal pin, there are number of factors to consider. Amongst them are size, colour, and design. There are many designs of crystal pins, some of the different options being animal, floral, and whimsical designs. Holiday pins are also very popular; a buyer can get one for every holiday to show the spirit. Far from a formal-only accessory, crystal pins can actually worn frequently and often, not just for a special occasion. A buyer should also know that there are many different ways to wear a crystal pin: with many options as to the style and the article of clothing it's worn with, a crystal pin is a fun, highly versatile accessory. Crystal pins are available at bricks and mortar jewellery stores as well as online stores such as eBay.

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