Crystal bouquets all you need to know

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Buying a crystal bouquet can  cost  a 3 or 4 figure sum  Swarovski bouquets are the most expensive , but they don't have to be.
 Look into buying crystal items that re mixed with other good quality crystals such as Preciosa crystals or lead crystals, these are still extremly sparkly and lower the cost of a large wedding bouquet to a much more affordable cost.
 All ways make sure the bouquet maker uses non tarnishing wire , as if they don't the wire holding the crystal will yellow within a few months and if you are buying in advance several months before the wedding  this can be devastating . Even  925 real solid silver wire will tarnish so be sure to ask for non tarnishing wire.

Clear ab coated crystals are the sparklliest of all , and the most widely used in the crystal world. Try to add in an accent colour  to the clear ab crystals , rather than having a full coloured crystal bouquet for maximum sparkle.
The larger the crystal the more costly the bouquet will be - try looking for a bouquet with mixed sizes of  and 6mm and 8 mm crystals , using this size still gives you a fantastic sparkle without the price tag .

lastly   the size of the bouquet is totally personal preference. Crystal bouquet tend to be on the small to medium size due to the cost of the larger sizes /An 8 inch diameter is the most widely chosen size for a bride to be , but if you can afford a 10" or 12"  size ,then go for it!!.... you wont be disappointed ,  as if you want bling, then go large!!!
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