Cuddly Toys/Teddies for Babies

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Teddy bears can seem like super cute and super cuddly presents for little babies, I mean c'mon who doesn't love a fluffy little bear, rabbit or whatever shape/animal they come in?
But what people don't think about is the age recommendation on toys such a teddies and cuddly toys.

The main thing to look for is if the age is displayed on a toy, if not DO YOUR RESEARCH. It may seem like something small or un-needed but some toys just aren't for little babies who put everything in the mouths or have little fingers which can easily take off small parts. Eyes, buttons, ribbons etc. all little things that can be chewed or pulled off can all pay a big part in choking and isn't something that should be left.

Another thing with buying toys from eBay is to make sure they have the hallmark or CE codes, as this would prove they are safe for children to use. Some sellers may not have these and could be proven dangerous to children. We've all seen call-backs and product recalls about children's items containing chemicals, or again loose parts which shouldn't be. Why risk it? 

My advice would be to search online before purchasing a toy on here and make sure it's suitable for the age range. All toys selling on websites from stores should have age recommendations on there, making it easy for you to search for the exact same toy on eBay at (probably) a much lower price.

If buying cuddly toy bundles, message the buyer about any loose parts, stitching, ribbon etc. just to be sure, or check yourself before giving to a child.

Make sure to always disinfect and clean second hand toys!

Written by Izabuff (Bzzagent on product promotions)
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