Cultivate in an interest in Comics

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You are sitting in a cafe, having a coffee. Its fine, but it is much better if you have something to do. I recommend you go to your local comic store and have a browse.
It will make you a happier, more relaxed individual. Also, it will keep you in touch with pop culture, both here and in the States.
Did you like Batman? Did you enjoy Iron man? They all started their lives as comic book heroes.
You will be surprised by the selection and the subject matter.
I recommend you try a few of latest comics from Marvel, Dark Horse and DC. See which ones you enjoy, and then follow the series of your choice.
Don't worry too much about trends, just go with what you feel looks good or interesting.
If you are enjoying a computer game, check out if there is a comic of the genre.
Oh yeah, comics are not just for kids, they are good for the discerning adult too. You will be challenged at some point, but I reckon you are the type of adult who is not concerned with this.
So check some out, also check out some of my listings, and message me and may have some in stock.



Vintage comics: Eagle
Modern vintange: Beano/ Dandy
Current: Deadpool/ DC
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