Curling wand or tong?

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what's best for curling my hair?

To me, I'd much prefer the curling wand however there are pros and cons to both, please see below.

Curling wand
1. The curling wand gives a very natural curl, by having the curl thicker at the top and thinner as it gets to the ends of your hair.
2. It's so much easier to quickly wrap the hair around the tong when in a rush
3. The curling wand is great for quick on the go beach curls.

1. It's a lot easier to get burnt as you must hold the end of your hair to the wand and some wands don't come with heat proof gloves.

1. Tongs hold the hair in place for you so you don't get your fingers burnt.
2. They can give great volume especially closer to your scalp.
3. Tongs are great for tidy curls as the tong itself holds hair in place when trwisted.

1. They take alot longer to use
2. Tongs can get caught in the hair
 Overall there may be many more pros and coins but the in my opinion the wand gives a fuller more natural effect, hence why they are my favourite!
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