Customer Service Tips - Keep those customers!

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Customer Service is key in all businesses - both online and Bricks & Mortar.  The difference is that Ebayers expect the absolute best!  Use this in your favour!

You look at  My Feedback .  What do most of the positive comments deal with?  Are people saying, "Oh the product you sent is wonderful!" or "I'm so happy with the battery charger.  Thanks!"   --  NO!! They usually say things like,

"Fast turnaround, excellent service"
"excellent arrived speedy well packed A1 ebayer.Thanks"
"Speedy service, and very pleased with the product. Highly recommended."
"Fast delivery, good communication, excellent service throughout, recommended"
"Perfect thanks. Arrived quickly. Great job."

I have actually cut & pasted all these comments from the first page of my feedback.  They all deal with the speed at which I have dealt with the customer!  I've even had positive feedback from one customer on another ID which says "Great, Fast Service but disgusting ornament.  Must have been drunk"

I always used to put on my listings that I would send everything out within 3 working days of order.  This is a good move because it stops those bidders that think you are waiting at your laptop waiting patiently for their order to come through, and then will rush to your car and personally deliver the item 300 miles away within 4 hours!  It gives buyers some kind of idea about the level of customer service they can expect from you.

Other great tips are;

Prepare a standard form for customers to fill in if an item has gone missing.  I have a standard form which gets the customer to swear that they have not received the item, have checked with their local delivery office, and will notify me if the item does turn up.  I then use this information to fill in my claim form for the Royal Mail AND I submit it to the Royal Mail to back up any claim for lost post.

Add a small picture to each listing that is hosted on your server.  Usually this picture will be blank, and will not show anything, but should an emergency arise you can change the picture to show text saying that you will be unavailable for x days, and apologising for any delay that might ensue.  I have had to do this once, and found that my sales level did not suffer at all - in fact I had countless emails from buyers saying not to worry about getting the item out and they hoped that everything was OK

Finally, should anything arise which may affect your customer service, do not be afraid to inform the customer.  I have had two occasions where stock that was expected in one day did not arrive and would be two days late.  I had three orders for it (not ebay) so I emailed each customer explaining the situation and refunding half their postage and handling fee.

The most important rule is to picture yourself as the customer.  Do you like it when you are messed around by sellers, or are waiting a couple of weeks for a package? 

Live by these rules and you will protect your feedback levels.  It tends to be the case that if you have built up a solid feedback your customers will be less nervous and will order more, and more often.  They will also be more willing to wait a little because they can see that you do look after your customers.

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