Cylinder and Plate Blocks 2

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As I have previously mentioned, I specialise in these and as a result have found many variations and omissions to Volume 3 of the Specialised Catalogue series. One great find is the 1969 Prince of Wales Investiture 1s. stamp, SG806, an A(T)(I/E) block. SG know they exist but have no value shown. So I enquired as to value to be told that as they do not normally come up in sales, they can't be very rare and therefore are of little value. Well that is one way of assessing the value!!!. This is the only one of its kind I have ever seen and clearly, from this, I must assume that SG only have a passing interest in Cylinder Blocks. Must be fair though, they can only suggest a value if they actually have knowledge of a sale. The point is that the variations are out there so keep looking!

STOP PRESS..... Not only have I found the no dot block but now the dot block of the "unknown" Prince of Wales SG806 A(T)(I/E).   
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