DAEWOO NUBIRA - Urban Legend or Myth ?

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For my sins I bought a Daewoo Nubira several months ago here on Ebay despite conflicting reports from different sources which I read prior to buying.

The fact of the matter is that the Daewoo Nubira is virtually with the correct care bomb and bullet proof, it is based on a well proven pertol engine by General Motors used in the Vauxhall Vectra, it's reputation precedes it.
I believe the Nubira was superceded by the Chevrolet Lacetti.

The important thing as with all cars is that it is regularly maintained by a reputable workshop.
The engine is both strong and reliable, the body and chassis feels sturdy and safe, no tinny doors and panels, solid from the word go.
The cambelt does need changing at 40,000 mile intervals as with the Vectra but it is not massively expensive, price I have just been quoted £180 all in, do shop around as the service costs vary from workshop to workshop, same with all cars.

I cannot see where the folks that condemn Daewoo are coming from and personally I feel they are the moaners of the motor buying world and no matter how the car performed they would find fauly.  I suggest they stop complaining and get a life.

The 1600 engine true returns around 30 - 35 mpg, not brilliant but the rear of the Nubira Estate is cavernous, 6 foot wardrobe or bookcase  no problem, it is not a Volvo Estate true but not much smaller in the rear, the lack of MPG is explained by the sturdy size of the vehicle and having owned a Volvo Estate can testify that their is not a lot of difference in the economy but the Nubira does have the edge, candidly I feel as safe in the Nubira and it is a fraction and I mean a fraction of the cost to buy.

As far as maintenance and parts, no problems at all, most garages will carry out any necessary work at a reasonable price  and there appears to be no difficulty obtaining the parts for it.

Want a cheap, like really cheap reliable runaround, look no further and save pounds.

I bought this car for literally peanuts, it's build as previously mantioned is solid, it'e performance, very good.
Would I buy it again knowing what I know now, most certainly I would.

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