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I find it very dissapointing that when a "dodgy" seller sends a broken/damaged/wrong item that "we the buyer" have to foot the bill for return shipping costs!!
I DO FIRMLY BELIEVE that a LOT of sellers send out broken/wrong items in an attempt to get rid of it and be POUNDS in pocket!
If an item is found to be such, i would expect the seller to pay all costs like return shipping as i "THE BUYER" have done nothing wrong and should not be out of pocket at all. i have enough trouble with the inconveniance of opening a case via ebay to get my money back after weeks of poor quality excuses/nonesense/insinuations/threats from a rip-off seller to start with , never mind finding another item to buy and paying for it "again" to get one.  if this was a genuine seller problem, the seller normally just refunds no problem with the item sent back and no dispute.
I think its about time ebay changed the policy and supported the buyer, the person who worked hard for the money to buy an item!!! not the potential thief knowingly selling you ribbish
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