DANGER from your Nintendo Wii Generic products

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I've just purchased a replacement - spare transformer power supply for a Wii . Great idea so kids can move the Wii from room to room. On checking the item it stated AC adaptor input 100 - 245V 52 Watt 50 Hz so should be OK for use in the UK. On plugging it in it exploded with a very loud bang. Thankfully it tripped the main breaker for the sockets in the house. on closer inspection the 13 Amp fitted plug is unfused and therefore not up to standard to be sold in the EU Please please be very careful if you intend to buy a spare replacement power supply lead for your Wii. Ensure it has a fuse in the plug and is up to EU standard. Many sellers are using Nintendo and Wii logo to sell these items of all the ones I looked at on eBay non where offical Nintendo items and around half of those appear not to have fused plugs. Please check the item before buying and if you have already purchased one please check it these items could be fatal Note the item I purchased was no from Hong Kong but from Manchester 



Nintendo own website has issued the following warning on the use of  DS SP chargers after it has come to light a numder of companys are producing fake chargers for use in the UK

Some people might be surprised to learn that the Nintendo DS Lite systems some shops stock for purchase were not meant for distribution in the European Economic Area or in the UK but have instead been imported by third parties from countries outside of the European Economic Area. In fact, you may have bought a Nintendo DS Lite system yourself outside of the European Economic Area or the UK during your travels.

As you probably know, different countries use different electricity standards. Please be aware that the battery of the Nintendo DS Lite handheld should only be recharged by using a thoroughly tested, safe charger meant for use in the relevant country. taken from nintendo web site

 Did not write this to get votes but to safeguard my kids and other gamers from danger but feel free to vote thanks             

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