DC-chess sets.from eagle-moss

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With regard  to this collection from eagle-moss
Why pay a over inflated price for the chess pieces on ebay when directly from eagle-moss their £7.99p a figure + magazine pp free.
The special edition set of batman/joker is £17.99p to a subscriber £18.99p to non subscriber.
Although the chess board is valued at £49.99p by eagle moss its free if you subscibe & 1 binder is free& postage is free
If you can by pay-pal on ebay then you can pay eagle-moss the same way the collection is ongoing & does not end till sometime may 2013 to collect all 32 figures.
You can buy back issues from the shop on line at eagle-moss, binders the only item you can not purchase is the chess board its self.
If your planning to collect all 32 pieces + the special editions then i think in long run its far cheaper to have a subscription direct with them or through your news agent.
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