DC05 loss of suction.

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If you experience problems with your DC05 losing suction, begin by examining the floor tool internally, then disconnect the extendable rod (both ends). If everything is clear, try disconnecting the hose at both ends and drop a pound coin down one end, it should pass through no problem. A common blockage can be found where the hose is secured to the front hose support, the kink is sufficient to obstruct any bulk debris you may have sucked up. The other place that is prone to obstruction is inside the cyclone top (carry handle). Unlatch the handle and pivot it fully back, then look inside the part that locates into the bin unit, normally you will find hair wrapped around the locating spigot. Finally, make sure that the perforations around the top of the cyclone unit are clear, this is where the air goes to the motor, if it is blocked with fluff, the motor wont get sufficient airflow that it requires in order to prevent overheating. Examine the inside of the HEPA filter (if fitted), it will almost certainly be black (white when new). This is normal as it is desigened to trap the carbon dust created by the motor brushes. If however, it appears to be heavily soiled, you should consider replacing it as it is not a lifetime filter as the manufacturer may have you believe, it is intended to last the lifetime of the motor and as the motor ages, so the filter becomes more blocked. The HEPA filter when new, is an extremely dense filter and the motor struggles to pass air through it, therefore, as it becomes more blocked, the motor begins to progressively work harder, eventually burning out due to the lack of airflow.
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