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This is a brief guide to the Del Prado partwork - Rome & Her Enemies. This subscription started in the UK in November 2008 and therefore at time of writing is just beginning to roll out. My guide is aimed at UK collectors who are interested in this series and overseas collectors who may not have such easy access to information or figures. All numbering and contents relates to the UK release. This series looks good from the advanced information I have seen and the mixed foot & mounted figures will have 10 page Osprey booklets with them which is always most welcome to see.

First uploaded: 30/11/08. 

Last Updated: 04/10/11

***The mailings of figures to me stopped almost as soon as it started with this series.

However some time later I received a brochure from Del Prado that indicated 50 figures (foot and mounted) were planned for this range. Whether these were eventually released or not I do not know.***


1.) Cassivellaunus, A Celtic Leader

2.) Roman Legionary, 43 A.D.

3.) Centurion of the Praetorian Guard. 1st Century BC (Foot figure)

4.) Carthaginian Cavalryman. 3rd Century  BC. (Mounted)

Other releases look to include:

Roman Decurion - Mounted

Marcomannic Chieftan - Foot

Gallic Cavalryman - Mounted

Iberian Cavalryman - Mounted

Roman Consul - Foot

Meroitic Warrior - Foot

Nabatean Camel Drive - Mounted

Thracian Infantryman - Foot

With the first two figures you get a map / poster showing the Roman Empire Under Trajan (117 AD)

I will update this guide as I get more information and as more figures come my way.




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