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This is a brief guide to the Del Prado partwork - Soldiers of the American Civil War. This subscription started in the UK in April 2008 and therefore at time of first submission is just beginning to roll out. My guide is aimed at UK collectors who are interested in this series and overseas collectors who may not have such easy access to information or figures. 

I am no longer numbering these releases as the last lot I received had different numbers on the invoice, the figure packs and the booklets. I have therefore now simply listed them below in the order I got them. I have added some pictures to brighten up the guide but can't add more or larger images as 10 of this size is the limit allowed.

First Uploaded: 04/08. Last Updated: 10/11

Unfortunately no Osprey booklets are given with this partwork. Instead you get a small Osprey fact card which is hole punched ready to insert into a ring binder. Typical mounted figures are 3.75 inches (94mm) tall and foot figures 2.63 inches (66mm) tall.

*** Mailings of this series to me ground to a halt some way into the programme. Subsequently I got a brochure from Del Prado indicating that there were 50 foot and mounted figures in this series in total. I am not sure how many were actually produced in the end. See US dealers and US eBayers for more info as unsurprisingly the series was more popular in the US than UK.***

The Del Prado American Civil War Collection - UK Release

 Introductory Booklet


Union Infantry - Color Sergeant, 28th Massachussets Volunteer Infantry, Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862. "Clear the Way". (Foot)

Confederate Commander - Brigadier-General J.E.B. "Jeb" Stuart at Yellow Tavern, May 11, 1864 (Mounted)

Confederate Infantry - Private, 11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment (Foot)

Union Commander - Major-General Phillip Sheridan (Mounted)

Confederate Infantry - 15th Alabama Color Sergeant, 1863 (Foot)

Union Infantry - Private, 1st US Sharpshooters (Foot)

Union Commander - Ulysses S. Grant (Mounted)

Confederate Commander - Colonel William C. Oates (Foot)

Union Commander - Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain (Foot)

Confederate Artillery - Confederate Artillery Officer (Foot)

Union Infantry - 114th Pennsylvania Volunteers (Foot)

Confederate Commander - Robert E. Lee (Mounted)

Union Commander - Major General William T. Sherman (Mounted)

Confederate Artillery - Field Artillery (Foot)

Union Infantry - 20th Maine (Foot)

Confederate Commander - Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson (Mounted)

Union Infantry - Drummer, 20th Maine Volunteers (Foot)

Confederate Commanders - Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States (Foot)

Union Cavalry - Corporal, 1st US Cavalry, 1865. (Mounted)

Confederate Artilleryman - Rifle Field Pieces. (Foot)

Union Infantry - The 20th Maine at Gettysburg. 20th Maine Color Sergeant, 1863. (Foot)

Confederate Infantry - Zouave Private. Louisiana Tigers, 1861 (Foot)


Additional Items

* With first delivery I got a 9mm scale model of an ACW locomotive - American Standard "The General"

* With the second delivery you get an art print showing the charge of the 20th Maine Infantry Regiment led by Colonel Joshua Chamberlain against the 15th Alabama Infantry at Gettysburg (2 July 1863).  A reproduction of an original oil painting by Emilio Arredondo.

* With the third delivery you get a special binder for housing the fact sheets.

* With some of the subsequent deliveries you get cannon wheels / chassis / barrels.





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