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DENON has always been on the cutting edge of Home AV, CINEMA and associated SURROUND SOUND. The fact that this has to be pointed out to certain high street retailers, who, while trying to sell off YAMAHA & PIONEER end of line stock for no other reason than to get a higher STOCK RE-ORDER CREDIT! will steer you away from the DENON display. This will suprise supporters of these trusted brands. You see the problem is that DENON does not want its' kit being sold in the equivilant of AV BARGIN BINS, and to this end,no un-authorised retail outlets(HIGH STREET) can sell new DENON AV kit. Come sale time don't expect too many in storefront windows proclaiming '50% OFF tsp.' This is why even recent Denons' sans HDMI, still fetch thier sellers decent prices. I'm currently running a 5 year old AVC A11 with my BLU-RAY player connected via its' 7.1 output. So NO NEED to change what i have and i'm not alone in that thought. So buy that AVR3802, it will change the way you think about HOME CINEMA. And give you a sonic thrill !
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