DIATOM for Red Mite Control

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Diatom by Microshield Solutions

Red Mite are a parasite that feed from your birds. The first symptoms of Red Mite tend to start with the bird looking anemic and listless or not wanting to go into the house at night. A broody ditching her eggs halfway through incubation is often also an indication.  It is important to check your poultry house regularly for any signs of the mite. The most common places to find them are the dark corners of the house, the nest box and perch holders.

We have used this product ourselves as a residual Red Mite Control and have found it to be very very good. After spraying the house with Poultry Shield, put the Diatom powder in the perch holders and corners of the house along with any 'hot spots' you may have found. The birds can also be dusted with the powder as an added protection. This maintains the attack on the parasites long after the liquid deterrents have dried.

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