DIESEL jeans FAKE or ORIGINAL???simple guide w pictures

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This is a guide to UNDERSTAND when a pair of  DIESEL JEANS is FAKE or GENUINE!!!

On EBay, you can find a lot of DIESEL jeans but most of them are FAKE!!!  

DIESEL is an Italian brand, an icon for its jeans worldwide. Most of the DIESEL jeans are made in ITALY but not all.

DIESEL jeans usually carry two labels, stitched on the right inner side - some may have a maximum of 3.

  • One label is white, marked with the DIESEL logo (the famous head), the waist size, the "Made in Italy" brand and a silver line (like the one in the picture)

  • The second label carries the type of material the jeans is made of (usually a high percentage of cotton) along with washing instructions

  • The third label (placed between the other two) indicates where the jeans are made, when the country of origin is not Italy. It may also carry additional maintenance instructions.

“Made in Italy” jeans are marked with the colours of the Italian flag - green-white-red. Three lines are stitched on the back left side, visible both inside and outside (see picture).

On the jeans back-left inner side, a label is stitched indicating the garment model (for ex., Timmen), the wash and other characteristics (for ex., stretch). Upside down, on the label, one reads the English size (size W…_L…).

The Italian flag colours are placed over this label on the right side.

99% of DIESEL jeans display the classic DIESEL pocket on the front right side. A white label stitched on the coin pocket flags ‘Diesel industry’ (in blue) and ‘Denim division’ (in red).

On the back right side, the jeans carry a DIESEL logo. Aware that the logo design changes from model to model.
In the original jeans, all buttons are marked DIESEL or D. 

Original DIESEL jeans are made of higher quality material as compared to fakes. You can feel it in your hands. Once you buy and use a pair, you will know the difference!

A rule of thumb: DIESEL jeans are really expensive. Very hard to find them for a bargain. If you get them cheap, your guess they are not original!!!

The average store price ranges between 75£ (140€ - 150$) and 100£ (160€ - 200$). Some models may go for as high as 200£ (300€-400$) or more.

Buy only genuine DIESEL!!!!!!

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If there is any error, please let me know and I will fix it.This guide is meant to help you buy genuine DIESEL jeans.

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