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Hi, I have written this guide based on my own personal experiences of losing weight fast. I know this is an emotive subject and thousands of diet books have been written on this topic, mainly because there are so many overweight people in the world.

Up until a few months ago, I was seriously overweight, I think the medical term is clinically obese, I was unhappy and was sick of being fat

I was sick of comparing myself to other people, and generally feeling bad about myself all the time, the very thing I loved (food) was making me feel bad about me...

I do think that being overweight not only contributes to bad health but also to a persons lack of confidence and that was the main reason I wanted to lose weight.

I have tried most of the modern diet plans but I have to say, none of them really worked for me. I was recommended some diet pills but unfortunately I have high blood pressure and it is not advised to take diet pills with a medical condition such as high blood pressure.

The main problem I had was, I could cut down on food, keep off the junk for a couple of weeks or so but I always went back and put the weight back on again. I used to wake up in the middle of the night thinking about food.

Once you lose a few pounds in the first week or so, it gets harder and harder as the body adjusts to not having so much food and the metabolism slows down even further to adjust to this. this results in less weight loss per week and explains how peoplecan lose plenty in the first couple of weeks or so but hardly any over the next few weeks

This may sound like i'm over simplifying things but as you probably aware, a man or woman can consume approx 2000 calories a day and the weight should maintain, however most people consume far more calories than they burn off daily. Also a 20 year old person will burn weight off far more efficiently because their metabolism is much faster than say a 40 year old.

So no one is exactly the same.

What I do know is, you DO need to start the day with a light breakfast, this KICKSTARTS the metabolism in the first place, in order to burn fat throughout the day.

Here is MY method of losing weight, it may seem a little unorthadox but it works for me: I eat BEANS, BANANAS and BROWN BREAD. I eat a good quality cereal with plenty of wholegrains, when I feel like something sweet, i eat a low fat Yoghurt. I drink plenty of water (this helps to get that full feeling. I enjoy jacket potatoes with salad. I eat grapes. For breakfast I eat the instant porridge, this is simple and easy to make in the microwave and takes about 2 minutes.

Now, it sounds boring, but I have to tell you, if you can maintain this over a three week period (add low cal soups, marmite, occasinal small low fat meals) after 3 weeks or so, the cravings should start to dissapear. AND IT IS THESE CRAVINGS THAT KEEP PEOPLE FAT..... It is your mind's association with food that makes the brain think JUNK FOOD is lovely and SALAD is horrible....

after 3 weeks on the above diet (look out for wind), your brain will start to be weaned off the Junk food and the brain will begin to start thinking the Salad is delicious (and it can be) Healthy food can be more attractive than Junk food, give your brain time to start thinking this way.

It's a life changing moment that DOES require some will power but BELIEVE me, you will FEEL AWESOME...... Less tired, a NEW slimline you... you can wear the clothes you want to, you will feel better and you will be doing your heart a POWER of good.

Did I mention Exercise.. its a lot easier to get up and go when you feel less heavy, do some walking (its free) or go to a gym, enjoy your life... And those diet pills ?, well if after all this you still need a little help in safely speeding up your metabolism and losing those extra pounds you can't shif - go here Lose Weight Fast

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