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if you're looking to lose weight then you may have considered purchasing diet pills but if you've had a little search on E-Bay you will be presented with literally thousands of different listings all making different claims and all at varying prices.  So what's the best to go for?

There are 2 main types of diet pills on the market.  Those that actually help you to lose weight by speeding up metabolism and those that help you to lose weight by supressing your appetite so that you don't get hungry in the first place therefore losing weight by reducing your calorie intake.  But whichever type of pill you go for there are a few things to take into account...

Firstly, never go for a diet pill that is going to make outrageous claims.  A pill that is going to help you lose 3 stones of weight in a week simply doesn't exist.  And if it did it certainly wouldn't be good for you!  Understand that you MUST take into account your health when choosing diet pills.  You want to lose weight so you can look better and be healthier but do you really want to do it at the expense of your general health?  You need to find a diet pill that will help you lose weight steadily at a reasonable speed so that your body can adapt.

We sell MEGALOSS as we have found it to be the safest and most effective diet pill on the market.  It is a simple pill that is fully herbal and has no side effects whatsoever.  It works with your body to gently increase metbolism and the burning of calories.  It actually shifts fat cells to be ready to be burnt easier so you result in steady weightloss at a rate that your body can handle.  Remember, losing massive amounts of weight too fast is not good for your body at all and can result in blood pressure problems, flabby skin or stretch marks where weight has been lost quicker than the skin can adapt and a whole host of other problems, some much more serious.  If you stick with the regular dosage of MEGALOSS it wil firstly prepare your body for the upcoming weightloss and will then deal with the changes your body goes through to combat all the associated problems.  The results are weight dropping off but health being maintained.

Don't fall for what is known as 'marketing value'.  Many diet pill companies fill a big tub with 60 or even 90 tablets which you then need to take 2 or 3 times per day.  The reason for having to take so many pills per day is quite simply that they have been weakened so that they can put more in a tub therefore giving the impression that you are getting better value for money.  It often works that if a company is selling a months supply for £24.95 it can justify its higher price by saying that you get 60 pills whilst another company only has 30!  Remember, a months supply is a months supply, regardless of how many pills!  Don't fall for this ploy!  MEGALOSS for example only has 8 pills for a months supply as the pills are of sufficient strength that you only need to take one every 3-4 days (twice per week).  This also is a bonus as it allows your body to adapt and fully make use of the ingredients properly.

Losing weight is great, but don't ever lose more than you have to!  Below is a rough indication of your ideal weight:


4'10"    109-121

4'11"    111-123

5'0"      113-126

5'1"      115-129

5'2"      118-132

5'3"      121-135

5'4"      124-138

5'5"      127-141

5'6"      130-144

5'7"      133-147

5'8"      136-150

5'9"      139-153

5'10"      142-156

5'11"      145-159

6'0"      148-162

No matter how good any diet pill is, obviously eating sensibly and exercising more will always help to increase the weight loss and will also increase your health overall.  Snacking is one of the best things to cut out.  Even if you eat unhealthily in your main meals you'll still see a difference by cutting out the snacks inbetween.  You can possibly combine a decent diet pill such as MEGALOSS with an appetite supressant if you are struggling. We stock HOODIA DIET MAX which is an amazingly effective pill that through the use of herbal remedy mimmicks the brain signals given off when you have eaten and are full, therefore your brain thinks you've eaten and you don't crave food and snacks as much.

Another great tip for dropping a waist size is a very simple exercise that you only need to do a few times a day.  And..You can do it sitting down.  Simply pull your stomach in as far as possible as if you were trying to make it touch your spine.  Then, when you feel you can't bring it in any more hold it there and breathe out all the air you possibly can and then hold it when you have no air left in your lungs.  You won't be able to hold it for more than a few seconds but hold on as long as you can.  Do this just 6-12 times in the morning and again in the evening.  It'll take you 2-3 minutes per day and won't feel like you've done an hour in the gym but it will have a very big impact on your waist size and your tone after just a month.  Combine that with a diet pill such as MEGALOSS and you're well on to your way of having to buy some smaller trousers!

Remember that when you buy diet pills you do need to stick with them.  You must maintain the correct dosage too.  This can be hard with some pills that you need to take 2 or 3 times a day at certain times before meals etc.  Pills such as MEGALOSS are a lot easier to maintain the correct dosage with as you don't have to remember to take them to work with you or out to lunch etc in case you miss the correct time to take them.  There is no point in taking any diet pill just now and again, you need to stick with the instructions so your body adapts.  We would usually advise at least a 3 month supply.  You may well lose plenty of weight before your supply is over but you should carry on taking them to help level out and maintain your metabolism rate otherwise you will simply put your weight back on.  This can become expensive though purchasing 3 months supply at a time so always look out for special offers.  Many E-Bay stockists have multi-buy offers and we indeed have our own offers on MEGALOSS:




Offers such as these can really help lose the pounds of weight but save the pounds in your wallet!

And remember, always deal with a reputable E-Bay seller.  Some sellers unfortunately manage to stumble over small quantities of cheap pills that they then try and sell on a profit.  These pills may be out of date or have been kept in unsanitary places or may simply not exist.  Where possible deal with sellers with a high level of feedback, and even better, deal with Power Sellers.  We ourseleves are official E-Bay Power Sellers and also have a Platinum award for our service and are fully Paypal Company Verified.

It's so important that you look after your body.  By looking to lose weight you are making the first step in improving your overall health and condition of your body but don't make a mistake by choosing the wrong way to do it.  Choose a pill such as MEGALOSS that will also help detox your body and repair damage done with vitamins and anti-oxidants.  Make sure you don't lose weight too fast and always make sure you don't go below your idea weight.  Most importantly, once your healthy try and maintain it and enjoy the new you!

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