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This scam has even caught out top  professional photographers I know. Never ever purchase a SD card or compact flash card unless the seller can be linked to a website or the cards are sealed in all the original packaging. By sealed i mean untampered with.
SD cards and compact flash cards  can both be used to write to from a computer  so you can transfer data.
mainly when your digital camera needs a firmware update you download the update to your computer, Then place the SD or CF card into the card reader the update is then transferred to the card, which you then place into your camera to update the camera.

Used or unsealed SD cards or CF cards can  have virus data on them the second you place that card into either your digital camera  or computer even if you hit format the data will transfer straight to your camera.
In this case it will kill your camera, it renders your camera totally useless, it will never ever be able to process another picture.
Insert these cards into your PC and you will have a virus one that takes all your information and allows someone else to access it all, Thats bank details, passwords everything.
Always either buy your cards direct from a store. or only purchase cards that are sealed check the sellers feedback.
If a 32GB cards is for sale at £4.99 buy it now then the offer really is to good to be true

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