DIY Xmas Tree Stand

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DIY Xmas Tree Stand

With baking, shopping, decorating, party-throwing, and more, Christmas is an expensive holiday, particularly for those who enjoy going all-out when decorating their house and garden. To cut expenses, and for a little holiday stress-relief, some users make their own Xmas decorations. Making one's own baubles and garlands can add a personal touch to the holiday and the home, and while few people choose to make their own tree, one can create a DIY Xmas tree stand for half the cost of some of the cheapest retail tree stands. Here, crafters can learn how to make two different, inexpensive Xmas tree stands. Save even more money by searching for the materials on eBay.

Simple DIY Tree Stand

Most likely the cheapest DIY Xmas tree stand available, this craft only requires three materials: a planter orbucket, rocks, and a saw or branch trimmers. To create this simple tree stand, start by trimming the branches of the desired tree so that the trunk goes all the way to the bottom of the bucket. Next, pour rocks into the bucket until they are two to four centimetres deep. Then take the bucket and the tree to the place where the tree is set up, and set the tree into the bucket.

Then, preferably with another person holding the tree in place, fill the rest of the bucket with rocks. Once enough rock are in place they should hold the tree firmly, tall and proud. The consumer can choose to purchase bags of small, coloured rocks, or save even more money by merely gathering some from outdoors. Depending on the bucket the user purchases (or has lying around), this stand may not be the most glamorous Christmas decoration, but can easily be spruced up with paint, glitter, or Christmas quotes written in permanent marker.

Wood Base DIY Tree Stand

To create a simple wooden base tree stand, the consumer needs the following materials: about 213 cms worth of 5x10 cmwooden boards (or seven feet of 2x4 boards); four eyebolts, washers, and nuts; 16 wood screws or nails; a bowl to water the tree; and finally, an anti-slip material to place the tree and base on. The tools that are needed are: a saw, a hammer, a drill, a measuring tape, a T-square, and an open-end wrench. Assuming the consumer owns the tools, the cost of this DIY Xmas tree stand is minimal.

The first step to make this wood base DIY tree stand is to measure the base of the tree as well as the height of the watering bowl. Next, the 5x10-cm (2x4-inch) boards must be cut to size, along with the support risers that attach to the boards. Depending on the height of the user's watering bowl, the height and width of the risers differ: for example, a user who has a 12 cm-high bowl adds that value to the width of the board it attaches to, 10 cm, giving the user a need for 22 cm-high risers.

Next, attach one riser to each of the support boards, nailing the riser perpendicular to the end of each board. With each of them nailed in, the consumer can arrange the boards into a frame with the risers facing up (upside down). The frame should create an empty square in the centre for the base of the tree. Pre-drill holes to secure the frame together, then a drill can be used to screw the boards. Next, the consumer drills holes for the eyebolts, and insert them. The washers and nuts must be attached to the inside of the box frame, so the eyebolts are facing away from the square hole where the base of the tree stands.

Now the frame is done, and the user can place the wood base over the non-slip material with the bowl under the frame. Next, get someone to hold the tree in place while the eyebolts are tightened to hold the tree in place. Fill the water bowl to keep the tree alive and green and dress the tree with garlands, lights, and ornaments.

How to Buy Xmas Tree Stand Materials

Putting Christmas tree stands to the DIY test offers the user versatility in the materials, money saving opportunities, and the chance to create a Christmas heirloom that can be passed down to younger generations. To find the material to create your next precious memory, visiteBay and type in the product you want to find, such as " rocks". You can then narrow down the search results that appear by refining your search by price, brand, condition, and more. You can find the item you're looking for on eBay for a variety of prices, since there are thousands of sellers who offer new, used, or refurbished products. You can also find lots of Christmas decorations on eBay to decorate the tree that fits in your homemade Xmas tree stand.

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