DIY guide - How to drill holes in number plates and show plates

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Acrylic Number Plates and Show Plates only - As supplied by us!

Before you start, remember to wear suitable protective clothing, eye wear and gloves.
1. Mark the plate with a marker pen on the face* of the plate where the holes are required. If you don't have a marker pen place a square of medium tack masking tape on the face of the plate roughly where the holes are required. Mark the exact position of the hole on the masking tape using a pencil or pen. Please ensure that you leave a gap of at least 15mm from any edge of the plate when positioning the holes.
  * The face of the plate is the yellow or white side with the reg number on.
2. Set the drilling tool up on medium / high speed ( 500-750rpm) with a HSS drill bit of up to 6mm diameter.
Do not use a drill bit that has a specific use for wood / masonary or tiles.
3. Place a thick piece of wood at least the size of the plate on a suitable stable flat surface.
4. Place the plate face up upon the wood.
6. The plate now requires securing so that it does not move or spin when you commence drilling. There are a number of ways this can be done
  Using a suitable clamping device, clamp the plate to the wood. Use a thick piece of rubber between the face of the plate and the clamps surface to protect the face of the plate. Alternatively, ask a friend to hold the plate secure ensuring that they keep their hands away from the area of the hole to be drilled.
5. Rest the drilling equipment with the bit on the mark where the hole is required.
6. Start the drill and with gentle pressure, the drill will bore a hole in the plate. When wood starts to appear in the spirals of the bit, the hole has been bored through the plate and the drill can be withdrawn from the hole.
8. Repeat the process for the other hole.

Instructions are provided for guidance only. Always wear suitable protective hand and eye protection. As we are unable to witness the works carried out, or inspect the tooling, we will not be held responsible for any injury or damage caused yourself,  goods, or any other item during the process of drilling holes by following the guide above. If you are in any doubt about the task , seek professional advice.

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