DMR EX768 Panasonic DVD HDD Recorder with Freeview HDMI

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Well, new in the shops and new to me, so I thought I'd share my experiences with you as there aren't many reviews around yet.

Having previously owned and loved the DMR E55 which was well reviewed at the time, I wanted all the same brilliant features plus a Hard Disk Drive, Freeview (possibly) and HDMI for when I upgrade the TV!

I went shopping for the EX77 which fulfilled all of the above requirements but which has been retailing for about £249.99 for what has felt like forever. I went armed with a £195 online price to try to get a "price match".

In verifying my price info, the salesperson found the E768 for just over £1 more, so he offered to price match that instead. Oh joy!!! He said the only difference is that the EX768 plays DivX discs but that Panasonic wanted to update the range cosmetically due to bringing out the 2 higher up in the range models (including the EX88). I don't know if that's true - I don't feel the need for DivX replay on my dvd recorder anyway and didn't want some of the "Jukebox" features of the more expensive models either.

So, to the machine and the final verdict (I'm using it with a Freeview set top box and an old TV). Well........I am very pleased with it. It is easy to use, has loads of fuctions and I'm in love with it:-)

As long as you don't want the couple of extra features that the top of the range models have, then go for this one. The only very minor glitch with it (but apparently this happens on the entire range) is a slight delay when using Guide/Menu options - you press a button on the remote and the response isn't quite instant. However, it does not cause any problems.

Finally, I would also suggest bearing in mind that Panasonic are THE name in DVD recorders at the moment and have been for some time. However, the DMRE55 and other similar models are known for having a fault with the voltage regulator resulting in machines going into a loop when in the menu function or when loading discs. Panasonic have not issued any recalls for these types of faults (at the time of writing) and it is not cheap to get fixed, so I would highly recommend that you consider purchasing a longer Guarantee if you buy one of these (but choose who you buy from carefully - most similar guarantees aren't worth the money paid for them - try somewhere like Richer Sounds - you get your money back after the period of the Guarantee if you haven't claimed - just remember to do so!)

I hope this was helpful for you. If so, please click the button below so that others get to see it:-)



UPDATE 09/07/08:- This dvd hdd recorder gets better and better!!! You can pause live TV and use the Guide to set up recording for whole series. It's fab:-)

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