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Week in, week out, it never fails to amaze me how many people buy items on eBay with a title something along the lines of "80GB Dell WiFi Laptop - 95% off!".

Such listings usually have a gallery picture of the state-of-the-art high priced item they are keyword spamming (using words in titles that do not relate to the actual product in order to have more exposure) with and these pictures are never an actual "photograph" - go to Google images and you'll probably see the high-street website from which they have been directly taken.

The sellers of these "items" often have private feedback to hide the negatives they have received from those who have been duped, although often their listings DO state that you will not receive a laptop, PSP, ipod, 25 foot TV etc - yet week after week after week, literally hundreds of eBay members pay up to £1,000 for these auctions (I kid you not, when you've finished reading this, click here to see the reality for yourself, it really is painful to look at!!) - and if you have considered doing the same then please take note of this guide!!!!

What these sellers are offering is an ebook (a file of information sent to your email address) on how to get these high-priced items for UP TO 95% off (although I expect the reality is you wouldn't get a reduction of that much anyway). Some do not even sell ebooks on the matter, they provide a link to a website giving more details. The outcome? You are up to £1,000 worse off and they have your money for sending you an email.

You do not have to buy these auctions - I urge you, please don't - as such information is available for FREE and I will tell you how to get it.

The ebooks themselves inform you to go to Police Auctions - when stolen goods are recovered by the police, often they are new and their owner cannot be traced, many having been stolen from retailers. The police then auction these goods off and it is possible to get huge reductions of the price you would normally pay. Personally I would not feel happy owning a product like that but many are and for them these auctions are an absolute gold mine.

Although I am not allowed to add links to sites outside of eBay, Google should be your first port of call and if you go there and type in "police auctions" then click on the very first link at the very top of the page, the sponsored one, then once on the site click on "free auction search" (you can pay a subscription but if you click "free auction search" you get all the information you could need without paying anything), then you will find out the complete and up-to-date list of where the next of these auctions are to be held nationwide and also what they are selling - and that range is everything from tractors (?,??) and cars to mobile phones and fine art - plus, of course, those infamous laptops, ipods and PSPs.

Other websites of the Google search will give you further information.

After you have done this, you may want to go to the advanced search of eBay and check out the completed items for "95% off" (or click the link in the 3rd paragraph) and see how much each went for! Remember - you are NEVER buying an actual product, just Police Auction information. Even when sellers state that it is an ebook you are buying, the buy-it-now price of £85 or something equally ridiculous seems to regularly confuse buyers into thinking they will in fact receive something more. They won't.

Remember - Google is your friend - use it and save your money for REAL bargains!!!!!!!!! (Er, talking of which....... click here and check out my shop............!!!!!!!) ;-))


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