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Trading Standards will be informed to warn users of Interparcel /Hermes that breakages are NOT covered by insurance...therefore do not trust these couriers with any precious items!! They break even stones or hard can't get compensation! You are only safe if you send an iron or titanium via them! .........I do not mention the cases where Hermes delivery guy leaves the parcel next to the recycling bin! Well what can one say....ridiculous!!
What on earth do you pay insurance for with these couriers? Looks to me like they make the list of restricted items up as they seem fit to use! I pay for service but get nothing. It’s like going to garage to repair the car and they would tell you: I’m sorry but we only repair brackets; we can try to fix your gears but if it goes wrong we don’t take responsibility for that! Sounds silly, isn’t it? This is what Interparcel / Hermes is offering you! If you wish to get your item safe and in one piece to the buyer, consider paying slightly more but DO NOT choose Hermes! It’s not worth all the hassles and problems! THEY BREAK….YOU PAY AND CAN’T GET ANY COMPENSATION!


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