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I used payperdrop for a month or two back in 2007 and they were great until one time my whole consignment of parcels was damaged (approx 250 quids worth) and i had to go through the farce that is claiming through work4 limited (payperdrops proper company name) . After i filed the claims using forms they sent to me , i had a response about 2 months later to say that they were ready to refund me and requested my paypal address to send it to of which i quickly provided them with . Fine so far right? Well after about a week or so of waiting , i emailed them back (using the address they used on the paypal request) asking where my money was , as i had a customer one hundred pounds down with no item , they swiftly replied that they were going through some kind of business refurb , ditching DHL (there contracted drivers) and starting up their own fleet of drivers , and that all refunds were to be sent before january 28th 2008. January 28th came and went and still not a peep , and if you now check there website ( its down , but they are still accepting orders through there ebay shop of which i find highly amusing as they have had about 5000 complaints to ebay , but when i try and list a games console with a cdr in the picture that i didnt notice ebay take it straight off!!!! So do not book any more orders! Quick message to work4 limited - if i find anyone that works for you i will personally march them to a cashpoint for a refund , be seeing you soon!
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