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Please Read very carefully, or you could be the next victim to fall for the nigerian mobile phone scammers.

I recently put a used mobile phone on ebay an iphone 3gs on ebay for sale, the sale was going well, until i seen that the bidder who was bidding had only just joined ebay that very same day 8/8/11 i instantly emailed them to let them no they were legally in a binding contract, which they emailed me back instantly saying they were aware of this. When the bids had actually ended this guy had won my phone, when i came to send the invoice it would'nt let me send it to them,  so i assumed they were paying instantly for it, until i actually logged out of my ebay, and checked my own emails, this is where the fun began. I got an email something like this. And i nearly fell for this hook line and sinker. Has after they won the phone they were not an ebay user anymore.


Dear ebay member, i am the winning bidder of your iphone 3gs, this is actually a present for my nephew could you please post this to nigeria and i will double your postage fees, but this has to be a trackable number, so that i know my nephew will receive this in time for his birthday, as his birthday is on the 15th September 2011, i will also be paying by western union once my nephew has received his item, i am begging you my dear friend to do this for him as it will be a wonderful suprise.

Alarm bells started ringing right away, i also received emails from paypal but these turned out to be fake, which i forwarded these emails to paypal themselves, and they said they never start an email like that, with "dear ebay member" they always go by your name.


These nigerians use stolen credit cards, please don't be fooled by them and their sob story, they can get into your paypal account, get all your details, name, address and bank details. These people want stopped for good, but you can never rule these people out.

I had a lucky escape, please don't let it be you, especially if your old or new to the ebay community, this should be a place to trade safe, and not for a bunch of arseholes with their sob story, but who want to rob you.

If you think this is correct, please vote. Thank you and safe trading.

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