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Don't buy an ASOS code- get it here for free!

Just to all you people out there who are willing to buy an ASOS (As Seen on Screen) discount code for 99p- DON'T! These codes are valid for very short periods of time and expire before you know it! This is because ASOS are wise to what ebayers are doing by selling these codes and obviously don't want this to happen, so they are updated all the time.

These codes can easily be found on a well-known search engine, just put in the search box 'asos discount code' and you will find the most recent, up-to-date codes on there- for free!

The current one that is valid (at this present time!), but probably won't be for much longer is 'mcdonalds' and will take a 10% discount off your order.

Why pay for something that you can find yourself for free? If I find a more recent code, I will update this guide and make it available to all- again for free!!

Thanks for reading this guide and please vote for it if you find it useful.

Many thanks xx

P.S. The vote against this guide came from these scammers that I'm talking about- just got a nasty message in my inbox from a disgruntled seller who is worried that I've taken away any profits she was going to make by writing this guide!


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