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THIS IS WHTA I HAVE RECENTLY MAILED TO RENAULT !!! hi sorry not got back to you but as you will see from my file of complaint you have i have to keep going back and forth to hospital for cancer treatment. im now on rest then back again on the 25th twice a week for 3 weeks. as im sure you are aware that the classic 2.0 ide engine has serious electricle malfunctions and flaws which renault decided to address the problems with these cars when they all started failing ! even though it is apparent from much research on the 2.0 ide ( 1999-2003 ) it has been very bad since one megane i have found that failed at mileage of 28000 ! all meganes of my type and the lauguna on these years have all failed on the same 3 things fuel pressure sensor , fuel regulator and the rail pressure sensor ! then these in turn cause a cascading icu fault and then ending up in the scrape yard at very low milage because the parts that are needed are very hard to get hold of and the main problem being is the part fitted is a redesigned and DO NOT !!!!! stop this cascading fault so renualt have allowed people to still buy these cars like i did paying £5995 6yrs ago for my 2001 plate 2.0 ide which failed on a fuel pressure sensor within the first 3 weeks of owning it ! luckily under warranty so saved my self a £500 bill and my car had only done 35000 miles. at 47000 miles i had more trouble with it again the coill light on and stopping car was checked out and reset at a very good garage with over 50yrs experience. i have had trouble on and off until last year when at 65000 mile my car failed fantasticly on my trips to hospital for treatment , it went in garage and we had alot of work done that should of made it ok again. week later coil light and engine cut out going across a junction ! 2 weeks in renault and no loan car so i had to go out and buy a 1999 audi a6 to get me around and to hospital as cancer has left me very disabled because the part needed realy doesnt exhist and has to be special made for people with a bit of no how like me would open my mouth for better treatment by yourselves. it was at this stage i done some research and was deeply hurt and surprised that there were loads of us with these engines in the same boat and all fighting with renualt and having high bills because you did not recall these then went to renault and i had to have work down with a massive bill for fuel regulator ! took car 15miles and it broke again and cos i had to wait for another part i had lost my car again ! ive paid out over £1000 on your design fault !!! and lack of customer care and welfare as now i have since found out a few garages that have cars with the ide engine are now removing the icu unit to stop the cascading fault that im still experiencing and selling cars on to customers ! ! my lovely renault megane has now been on sorn from the last trip to your garage as light came on again !! and there it will sit !!!! my audi is fab , it has done 154000 miles and been great to own and very reliable.i feel like renault have robbed me and countless others but in my case £7000 because you new the 2.0 ide was doomed for the scrap yard so i now have my car worth £120 as that all it good for. you cauld of even swapped these 2.0 ide for the 1600 megane softop as these are fine. i await your response of some form of a way forward for your bad design that is useless !!!! yours sincerly trish rumens
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