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DONT get caught out by a scam.

The internet is full of scammers, I have been caught out a couple of times but once bitten twice shy. Or twice bitten never again!!!

If you recieve an email from Pay Pal or e bay check who it is adresed to , if it says your First name and last name  it will be genuine, if it is adressed to Undisclosed recipient or any other name than yours it is without a doubt a SCAM.

Emails pretending to be from pay pal can look very convincing, NEVER reply to any e mail that does not adress you by your first and last name..

If you recieve any suspect e mails that say they have come from pay pal forward them on to spoof at

If you recieve any e mails from e bay that do not adress you by your first and last name forward them to spoof at

Scams can look like the real thing , very convincing, if in any doubt ring pay pal they do have a phone number, typical scams may read" your pay pal account has been supended",  or "you have got cash, please log into you account to view the transaction"

Many scams originate from abroad where there grammar is not very good, any emails with poor grammer or spelling mistakes ( like mine !) are scams.

Never reply to any suspect e mails , if you do the scammer knows he has a valid e mail adress and may try to contact you again.

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