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Think before you part with your hard earned cash. Even if you are getting something half price it's waste of your money if it's not the real thing. Make sure the person you buy from guarantee's the item is genuine. If you think someone is not being honest report them to Ebay and let them investigate. The reason for my guide is a simple one, i am a housewife who has started my own business and i pride myself on being honest and only charging the bare minimum to make a profit. When i deal with my customers they are all good honest people, who work hard to earn thier money. It is such a shame when you hear they were sent a fake item by someone. It is easy to be taken in by such bargains, and don't get me wrong not all items are fake. There are many reputable sellers on Ebay. The message is a simple one just make sure and double check with seller if you have any doubts.


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