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I have tried many door chimes inc the leading brands such as byron and friedland and some other quirky ones from abroad, the problem you will usually find is that they all quote apprx 100m to 200m range , tis is only in reality half of each range, as more than likely you are going to fix it to the pvc door frame rather than getting a drill out and fixing it to the brickwork, fixing it to the pvc causes a great loss of range so if you planning to put it somewher near the kitchen between a distance of 12 to 15 meters it will not respond, fixing it to the brickwork however will improve the for recmnding a product i found the friedland libre works absolutly fantasticly well between the 12 15 meter range fixed to pvc, however it req, 3 AA batteries and the expensive ones it would need to be,rechargebles are a total NO, NO for tis door chime,as the duarecells only last a few wks (3) before the chime significantly starts to deteriorate.on averag use i would est 3-4 rings a day last bout 6wks, if your houshold always has visitors like mine 3-4wks battery life is more realistic from my experiance, dont worry about the button battery in the transmitter that will last you for a very long time average 2yrs

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