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Hi, recently I was temporarily using dial-up whilst I sorted out wireless connections on my laptop. I had a 29MB file that I needed to download urgently but it was taking 4 hours and every time the connection would break for one reason or another before the end, in one case when it was 98% complete. I then came across a program that is nothing short of a miracle (even more of a miracle than my laptop not ending up in me pond when I lost 4 hours of downloading at 98%....!!).

Apart from the fact that dial-up downloads are MUCH faster with the program (mine doubled in speed), it has an incredible tool that allows you to resume downloads that were interrupted. This is literally invaluable. Many ISPs cut off connections after 2 hours maximum when there is no browser activity so it is not possible to leave your computer downloading a big file if that will take more than that time. Also, if your connection breaks for whatever reason (even someone phoning your line can cause this) then with this program you are totally protected - whatever percentage of completion your download was at at the time of your connection breaking, the program will remember and resume the download from that point.

This also works with Broadband of course but is probably particularly useful to dial-up users, I certainly found it one of the best tools I had ever come across.

To download a copy for yourself type into Google "internetdownloadmanager" without the inverteds (exactly as typed, all one word) and click on the first result. Then do the let_me_make_you_rich dance of joy!!!

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