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There are quite a few scammers targeting drummers who are wanting to buy things such as Roland electronic kits and DW drums etc. There are a few things which point to it being a potential scam and i have listed them below but this is not an exhaustive list just things I have found .

1. The seller claims to be in major city but later claims item is now abroad and will be shipped.

2. Ad will have good English [probably copied] but subsequent emails will show poor English.

3. There will all manner of reassurance about shipping, money back, ebay wharehousing & ESCROW etc

4. Seller will want communication outside Ebay and will ask for money transfer such as western union.

5. Second chance offers to all bidders. Swap emails with other bidders if suspicious.

6. Ask for further pictures; If genuine seller they will not mind, if bogus will only have generic pictures.

7. Say you will only pay cash on collection and ask for phone numbers & actual address.

8. Ask for more detailed information as bogus sellers are usually not drummers and won't know.

9. Be suspicious of every transaction with low feedback Ebayers or recently opened accounts.

10. Keep your hard earned money in your pocket until you are 100% sure the deal is genuine!

Oh and practice your rudiments and remember the old adage "If it's to good to be true then it probably is"



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