DSMMM Feedback Ratings (as of 2008, onwards)

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Below is a short guide of how I leave feedback for items here on eBay. Though, before, I have never graded lower than (A). :)
Do good business with me, and hopefully I'll never have to explain (F)s. :S

(A+)  Very good business, pleased with all aspects of the transaction.
(A)    Good business, generally pleased with most aspects of the transaction.
(B)    Fairly good business, again pleased with most things, though, too many aspects could have been improved upon.
(C)    Satisfactory business, nor pleased or displeased, a lot of the transaction could have been improved upon.
(D)    Poor business, displeased with the transaction.
(E)    Very poor business, unhappy with what has transpired.
(F)    Atrocious business, extremely unhappy with the transaction.

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