DSR ratings are open to abuse

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The new DSR rating system has not been clearly thought through by eBay.
I am not going to go into my own problems with it but I can see the following weaknesses.

1/ Buyers appear confused as to the difference between dispatch times (my problem) and delivery times (the problem of the postal service). If the postal service is slow then the buyer may see it as the seller’s fault for being slow to dispatch and give a low or negative DSR.

2/ If a buyer accidentally gives 2 stars instead of three then he may inadvertently condemn a seller. There is no process in place to deal with this

3/ DSR ratings are open to abuse. A seller in the market place can permanently knock out a competitor by purchasing a few items from him and then ruining him by submitting low DSR ratings. The seller cannot do anything about it because unlike feedback, DSR ratings are anonymous and he cannot know what has happened. The sllers has now knocked out the competition.

4/ eBay customer service is unsatisfactory in protecting the innocent seller from the three points mentioned above. My communications with customer services so far show there is no proper process in place to deal with any of these 3 possible problems and that they are unwilling to review hard evidence which would exonerate the seller, such as postage receipts. An email complaint typically results in an site robot issuing an automated response and a telephone call not much better. Of course this is wholly unacceptable.
My suggestion is that more and more sellers should be putting their complaints down in writing and sending it off by post to

eBay Customer Support                                                           
P.O. Box 9473                                                                                  
Dublin 15                                                                                           

Because of the amount of hassle to do this, I would send by recorded delivery so that if you receive no reply then you can go straight to the Financial Ombudsman. As far as I can see, a seller is paying eBay for a service and they should be providing you a service in return. If the complaint is ignored or dealt with inadequately by the eBay complaints process, then the Ombudsman should be notified.

Good luck!
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