DVD Buying Guide dont get caught

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It is illegal to make sell or buy copied dvds.

All dvds I sell are genuine original dvds all come boxed as you would buy in the shops.

To ensure you dont fall foul of the law it is important that you take some simple precautions before buying a dvd on ebay.

Is the film still in the cinema IF yes then it will not be released on dvd yet

Has the film been released yet IF not then it wont be on dvd yet

You can check both of the above by visitng  the web site officaldvd.co.uk

Check the sellers description does it say it is a genuine dvd

Does the dvd come boxed

Remeber that owning dvds or collecting dvds is only enjoyable if you know you have the genuine original dvd in your collection.

More information or if you have been sold and illegal copie then report it to the authorities



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