DVD Regions: Multi-Region Codes and DVD Unlocks Guide

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 DVD Regions: Make Your DVD Player Region Free Using DVDExploder.com

You may have asked yourself 'How Do I Unlock My DVD Player' and watch my imported films! It's not fair that my DVD player is locked!

Well, I have seen many sellers and advertising old lists of DVD Codes on Ebay and bought one myself to check on quality and service.

Type DVD Region Free or DVD Codes into Google or Bing and check these options first.

All I can say is... buyer beware. If you're going to take the cheap option - then go ahead.

There are a number of websites out there offering free Region Codes that you may want to check first.

Personally, I can only rate one or two websites on the Internet that actually deliver on their word.

I've used DVDExploder.com for years - with no issues. They have over 3000 codes available and is a website that keeps in time with new DVD player releases.

I appreciate that this is a very short guide, but I thought I'd best contribute, if only to remind Ebay users that there are 'other options' available. 

So go ahead and surf around. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

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