DVDExploder: Why Are DVD Players Region Locked?

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 Why Are DVD and Blu-ray Players Region Locked?

In an perfect economy, film studios would benefit greatly from absolute control over the release of DVDs in different countries. The reason for this is that theatre releases are not simultaneous. For example - a new movie may be released on DVD in the U.S. - when it's only just opened in European cinemas. This is good for their unique business model.

There has been rumour that film studios profit by selling 'rights' to foreign DVD player distributors, offering exclusive markets. In this instance, a studios would demand the DVD 'standard' features a code to prevent viewing of certain discs in a specific geographical region.
We see that in most instances, every DVD / Blu-ray player sold in the shops is assigned a code for the region in which it's sold. To the immense annoyance of film watchers worldwide, players will reject discs that are not coded for its specific region. In effect, this means that a DVD bought in one country is unreadable on a player bought in another region. For many people this constitutes an illegal barrier of trade, although no legal cases have yet to establish this.

We can only hope that this practice is legally recognised and stopped, with all players manufactured region free. Until that day, DVDExploder endeavours to make your DVD player region free - wherever you are in the world.

This information was taken with consent from DVDExploder.com

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