DVD's - The comedy critcal list of 2007 so far.

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The 2007 critical list for Comedy Films on DVD


Here's my list of the best DVD's out (or about to be realeased) in 2007, that you HAVE to watch!



 In at number 1 is the hilarious but somewhat offensive, Borat. This film is shocking at times, but some of the jokes are very clever. I would describe "Borat, cultural learnings of America for make benefit nation of Kazahkstan" as cringeworthy, as some of the things he does to people are so daring I couldn't bare to watch! Some parts of the film, such as the start when Borat is leaving his country, are absolutely hilarious, but some of the scenes such as the "Naked Man Wrestling" scene are repulsive! Overall I would recommend this film to people who like a joke but not to anyone who is easily offended.


At number 2 is The Catherine Tate Comic Relief Special- Limited Edition (Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk).  Available April 16, 2007. This is a DVD of sketches only, not a film but I would still recommend it to comedy lovers. The proceeds of this DVD go to Comic Releif (But i'm not sure what perecentage!). You may be thinking, how can I review this without it being released? Most, if not all of these sketches were shown on The BBC on Comic Releif night, and they were absolutely genius, combining an amazing Comedienne Catherine Tate with Celebrtiy geusts such as Tony Blair, Lenny Henry and Daniel Craig. If you watched The Catherine Tate Show, you will be familiar with the sketches and find the celebrity geusts genius. A must see for all Tate fans.


Next up is The Devil Wears Prada. This film is genius and a great comedy/chick flick. It really interprets the fashion industry in a comical way that most ladies can relate to. The film was nominated in the Oscars 2007, and Meryl Streep was nominated for best actress. This film is a must see for girls, and my husband and son enjoyed it too, so don't think it's just a chick flick!


4th in the critical list is Click. This is another great film from Adam Sandler, and it's another great American Comedy. It also got nominations in The Oscars 2007. If your a fan of American Pie, Scary Movie, Not another Teen Movie, etc. You will love this film and it will have you rolling with laughter. The idea behind this film is great, and we all sometimes wish we had a remote for the world and that we could just pause time whenever we want, and it's one of those films that shows you what a dream would be like. I would recommend this to all slapstick/silly comedy fans.


Fifth in my Comedy Critical List is Happy Feet. This film is a bit like Shrek, where you kids will love it and they'll think it's perfect, but there will be some jokes for you so you can giggle along to. The animation is brilliant. Some of the jokes may be a bit lame and corny, but it is made for kids so once you get past that you will realise what a great little film this is. If you've got kids, it would be perfect to settle down on a Saturday night to watch and the whole family will enjoy it.

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