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The Dyson bagless vacuum is the top selling Bagless vacuum in the United States, and in the U.K.

James Dyson the owner and Inventor explains who it works better than any other vacuum. I am sure you have seen the ads.

I tried all the models, DC07, DC14 and DC15 also known as THE BALL. Plus the New DC17 Absolute.

The good points.

1)The Dyson has some of the best attachments of any vacuum on the market today. The low reach models do get under beds and some furniture. The huge extension hose some 17ft long is great for cleaning carpet on the stairs.

2) No need to buy vacuum bags.

3) Claims to have a high filter rating, This is almost as good as some of the Hypo-Allergenic vacuums with bags.

4) The ball is great to use and maneuvers easily through a home.

5) Very Powerful suction, Great for Animal hair.

6) Guaranteed not to clog ever.

7) As an all round vacuum, Probably the best make on the market. The guarantee is always supported by Dyson and dont ofton go wrong.

The bad points.

1) The cost. They vary from model to model, Some models have to sell at $499. However any dealer found selling this model the Dyson Dc15 animal at a lower cost will be in violation of contract and will loose authorized dealership status. Typically a dealer will pay $402 or lower for this model. All models have a dealer price and retail advertised price. This practice keeps the price high. Even large chains like Tesco's, Argos and Asda supermarts can NOT advertise lower than Dyson Market Sales price, If they do they would have to pay a higher price themselves. This practice is illegal in Europe.

2) The weight. You need arms like Mr Universe to carry a Dyson. Some models with all attachments can weight up to 28 pound (13 Kilos). And thats empty fill it with dust and add another 1-2 pound. Compare this to an Oreck at 8 pound, or even Eureka upright bagless at only 11 pound. This is why you need the long hose, not many people want to carry a large object that weight nearly 30 pound up and down stairs. But if you have rooms upstairs with carpets, you will need to carry it up and down.

3) To empty the machine, you should probably wear a dust mask. This is not just Dyson however all bagless vacuum have this problem. What ever bagless you use, Bissell, Hoover,Eureka or Panasonic, always wash your hands after emptying out the vacuum. The dust is a highly toxic mix of dead human skin, hair, pet hair. bed bugs, insects and droppings. dirt, food waste or crumbs and up to six types of bacteria. You dont really want this blowing in your face!

4) If your heart is set on a Dyson the smaller DC07 is the best value for money. The DC07 Animal being my favorite choice.

I have given good points and bad for the Dyson above, This is just my opinion, as an owner of a small retail outlet for Vacuum cleaners, including Dyson, Hoover, Oreck, Eureka and Panasonic.  Prices are in US Dollars as I am in the States.

This is just our opinion and is meant as a guide to help you make a choice into your vacuum cleaner, I hope this helps a little. GOOD LUCK


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