Dagger Approach 9.0

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I am reviewing the Dagger from the perspective of my wife, who is 5ft tall and wanted a Kayak principly for river and lake touring (with me) but also to do a little coastal and maybe some faster moving water.

The dagger approach 9.00 is ideal for her size (up to about 5ft 8") it is a crossover Kayak meaning that by design it is good for Touring and also good for white water and faster moving waters (but not brilliant in either) and alledgedly can cope with light coastal waters. It's fairly light and easy moved and loaded on top of the car. It has a spring loaded Skegg to assist straight line movement when paddling, at first we thought the craft was a real challange to manage straight line without the skegg engaged, however we have since discovered that it is the paddle that is the problem, the paddle she was using is designed for white water rather than touring (believe me it does make a difference)

The Approach has a rear storage compartment (expedition model only) and is adequate for an overnighter, it has a padded seat with adjustable backrest, adjustable thigh rests, adjustable foot rests (individual) easy to adjust while afloat. It is a very stable craft and you will quickly get a sense of confidence with her, our model also has hip cushions for extra comfort (although they were meant for a Pyranah)

My wife is happy with it and even after an 8 hour treck last week she was comfortable at the end of it (albeit a liitle tired) and now we have established that her paddle was wrong for touring the next trip will seem like childs play.

We are going off to North wales in a few weeks and will be trying out the Kayaks on the Coast, so I will update this when we get back and let you know how it performs.

As promised here is the update of our sea going experience plus a little more information on an unexpected two day expedition.

We paddles about 8 miles of the Pembrokeshire coast in a swell of between 1.5 & 3ft, what a great experience this was, the Dagger managed the waters very well, on the outward journey we were about quarter of a mile out, after a break of about 45 mins we headed back, but due to the tide we were able to paddle back nearer the shore, exploring the caves and nooks and crannies, and using the waves to negotiate shallower rocky waters. An absolute fantastic experience, and one that the dagger was more than comfortable with.

We got home from Wales and decided to explore the River Ant (on the norfolk broads) for a couple of days, this was yet another amazing experience The Dagger had the following items packed in it's storage compartments: 2 cups, plates, knives, forkes, spoons, 2 cool bags with our food in, a tin of beans, a tin of soup, a camping stove, and set of camping pans and some spare clothing.

In my opinion this is a fantastic Kayak with all round capabilities, absolutely brilliant.

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